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For more than 30 years has the Stresstech company American Stress Technologies, Inc. been providing non-destructive inspection instruments for automotive, aircraft, machine and energy industries as well as universities and research institutes. Today our instruments are in everyday use in most of the world’s motor component manufacturing plants. There they monitor the quality of camshafts, crankshafts, gears, bearings, valves, and landing gear units as well as other important aircraft and engine parts. In addition to quality control, the instruments have proven worth of investment for manufacturing process control, helping to adjust processes before major losses of material, time, and capital occur.

Stresstech Group´s main products for e.g. grinding quality and process control are Barkhausen Noise inspection systems including analyzers, sensors and part handling stands. For measuring residual stresses and retained austenite contents we have X-ray analyzers and inspection systems that use X-ray diffraction. For measuring stresses also instrumentation based on hole-drilling by electronic speckle pattern interferometry (ESPI) technology is offered.

Measurement services with all our technologies - at the customer's site or in-house - have been in our offering since 1992. Stresstech Oy’s measurement service laboratory is an accredited testing laboratory for residual stress and retained austenite measurements with non-destructive X-ray diffraction method. Accreditation was stated with the FINAS Accreditation Code T294.

Stresstech Oy (1984) in Finland, American Stress Technologies, Inc. (AST)(1983) in USA, Stresstech GmbH (1999) in Germany and Stresstech Bharat Pvt. Ltd. (2010) in India form the Stresstech Group. Being in close contact with each other and with more than 30 years of experience of quality control, the Group can quickly respond to market demands and individual requests of customers.

With our world wide representative network Stresstech Group can serve and support customers easily all over the world and in many languages.